Friday, January 28, 2011

House Tour: Kristy G in NYC

I've known my dear friend Kristy Glass for close to nine years now. We met back in 2002 when we were both living in Astoria, Queens. I was pregnant with my first; her oldest was just a little baby. She is one of my closest friends. Today I thought it would be fun to take a little snapshot tour of her home in the city.

One of the many things I admire about Kristy is her zest for color; her home is a reflection of this. She lives in Long Island City (Queens) in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo that she and her husband and 2 daughters (ages 5 and 8) have lovingly called home now four years and running.

Three words Kristy uses to describe her home are "cozy, cheer and love"

When I asked Kristy what she loves most about her home, she said that the number one thing is the layout. She explains that, "we passed on a view of Manhattan for this layout and I've never regretted it. I love the use of vertical space. We try to go up as high as possible. I love my industrial restaurant lamps too. And my cerulean bookshelves. And of course my washing machine, dryer and dishwasher!" You have to understand that these are like GOLD in any New York City home.

And of course I had to ask what wasn't her favorite about her home. She answered that it was space constraints. "I would love to have one more huge closet and one more room. In my perfect world, we would purchase the unit next door and tear down the wall. I also wish for heartier floors; the ones we have scratch easily".

I asked Kristy if she had any ongoing or upcoming projects in mind for her lovely home. She answered that "the floors could use resurfacing and there is some deep cleaning needing to be done. That's the boring stuff. As for the fun stuff: I would love to knit/crochet a TV cozy to cover the TV and would love to change the green paint to maybe a bright grey or soft aqua... But it's so much work! I'm also insanely researching Murphy beds for my kids room!"

Thanks Kristy for letting us visit your home on Dwelling by Designs' very first House Tour!

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  1. Peace is the feeling I got when peeking in her bedroom. I love the cheery, vivid colors in the rest of her home. Thanks for to both of you for this home tour.