Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art for Children: Jackson Pollock

Last September, I started an art program at our school along with another parent.  I write all of the curriculum and teach some of the classes, my partner arranges the complicated teachers schedules and parent volunteers and makes sure our art supplies are in good shape.  Between the two of us and this team of volunteers we have made it work this year.  The kids LOVE the program (we are a K-8 school); so do the teachers and parents.

The program has been a labor of love and hugely time consuming...especially for a volunteer.  I am hoping to have the program standardized next year as a paid part time position for one person handling the teaching responsibilities as well as everything else that comes with an art class.  It all comes down to the school budget.  I hope it works out but unfortunately there are no guarantees.  I wish that the current climate in education was more favorable towards the arts.  Alas, it isn't so we have to make it work where we can.

Photo: From my students art class today: Jackson Pollock. They rocked it

Today I taught the 3rd graders a lesson on Jackson Pollock.  First of all, a lesson in a 3rd grade class on Jackson Pollock should not be undertaken by the faint of heart.  That said, it sure if fun to watch 30 3rd graders have at it with flying paint.  When I asked my daughter what her favorite art lesson of the program was this year (and they have had 7) she immediately shouted,

"JACKSON POLLOCK!"  Why, I asked.  "Because I could get down on my knees or walk around the canvas and just make paint fly everywhere".


Photo: Completed 3rd grade Jackson Pollock #artinpublicschool #publicschool #teachart

The kids did an amazing job.  See that canvas up there.  That's the mark of 30 kids.  Freakin' awesome.  I have a feeling Mr. Pollock would be proud.

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