Friday, April 19, 2013

Gumball Felt Rug

OK, its not really made of gumballs.  But doesn't it LOOK like it?! 

Hay Pinocchio Rug
I am crazy for this rug.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paint Drip Flower Pot

 poured paint planter

I just discovered this tutorial.  What a great idea for summer planters.  And you could use any paint that you've got laying around - house paint would even be great.  I'm going to need to try this!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Playroom Redo

Our playroom is actually the front room of our house.  And while I like to think of myself as a go with the flow mom...I still like my house to have a decently cohesive feel to it.  Ie: not so many primary colored plastic toys near my front door.

So, I pulled together a color scheme I can live with and NOW I am officially happy with our newly redone playroom.

Curtains from World Cost Plus Market.  Table top originally from Ikea but sprayed with a hammered metal finish paint

 We have these friends on top of our very overstuffed bookshelf.  Yarn bombed giraffe from Home Goods, globe from a thrift shop, multi colored ball from our trip to Ethiopia, large star from a store in Utah called Taipan Trading.

I love how things turned out.  White kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art for Children: Jackson Pollock

Last September, I started an art program at our school along with another parent.  I write all of the curriculum and teach some of the classes, my partner arranges the complicated teachers schedules and parent volunteers and makes sure our art supplies are in good shape.  Between the two of us and this team of volunteers we have made it work this year.  The kids LOVE the program (we are a K-8 school); so do the teachers and parents.

The program has been a labor of love and hugely time consuming...especially for a volunteer.  I am hoping to have the program standardized next year as a paid part time position for one person handling the teaching responsibilities as well as everything else that comes with an art class.  It all comes down to the school budget.  I hope it works out but unfortunately there are no guarantees.  I wish that the current climate in education was more favorable towards the arts.  Alas, it isn't so we have to make it work where we can.

Photo: From my students art class today: Jackson Pollock. They rocked it

Today I taught the 3rd graders a lesson on Jackson Pollock.  First of all, a lesson in a 3rd grade class on Jackson Pollock should not be undertaken by the faint of heart.  That said, it sure if fun to watch 30 3rd graders have at it with flying paint.  When I asked my daughter what her favorite art lesson of the program was this year (and they have had 7) she immediately shouted,

"JACKSON POLLOCK!"  Why, I asked.  "Because I could get down on my knees or walk around the canvas and just make paint fly everywhere".


Photo: Completed 3rd grade Jackson Pollock #artinpublicschool #publicschool #teachart

The kids did an amazing job.  See that canvas up there.  That's the mark of 30 kids.  Freakin' awesome.  I have a feeling Mr. Pollock would be proud.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Displaying Medals

We are a racing family.  My husband competes in triathalons and long distance stuff, my 10 year old son plays club level soccer and is a swimmer AND very fast runner.  My 8 year old daughter is an amazing swimmer and runner.  Both older kids also have medals for achievement in various school things.  I have medals for running.  Give the younger two a little time and I'm sure they will acquire their own collection of medals.

My older two have their medals hanging ON their trophies.  Its ridiculous.  I really should just buy some hooks but haven't gotten around to it.

Me and my husband have ours hanging on one side of an antique window that is in our bedroom.  We need a few more to balance out the window because it is listing to one side.  Again, this is slightly ridiculous. 

I'm in the market for a more attractive/efficient way to display our achievements.  Here are a few options I've seen and liked:

I love the title "Always Earned, Never Given" - that's great.

Race Medal Hanger Race Bling MedalART

For the marathoner...

inspirational quotes for medals display

I also like the message on this.  It's simple...

So tell me: how do you display your medals/trophies?  What has worked for you and your family?