Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodies from Urban Outfitters

Yummy new offerings from Urban Outfitters...

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite sources for all things funky and fun. And that's for both clothing AND home. I was browsing their online store the other day and came across a few offerings that wowed me with their color and apparent craftmanship.

Hello, you gorgeous rug...why don't you come home with me...

See that big metal 'A'? I have the same metal letters in my children's playroom - they spell
'P-L-A-Y'. I love those letters.

Head over to Urban Outfitters pronto to check out their new wares for spring/summer - you won't be sorry.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nest in your Bed!

Want to see the COOLEST bed ever for a kid (or an adult for that matter)?

Yep, hands down, this would rock. It kind of reminds me of Big Bird from Sesame Street's nest/bed. There is something comforting and cozy...yet FUN about this bed.

Kind of want one. But that's just my inner child speaking. Totally...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before and After: My Closet REDO

The great thing about redoing your closet is that no matter WHAT you do to it, it is guaranteed to look better than before, right?! Because a good straightening and reorganizing goes a LONG way in a closet.

In my case, it went a very long way because my closet was a great big hot mess. Friends, it was terrible.

It's a miracle that I could find anything in there anymore. I walked in a few weeks ago, folded my arms and decided then and there it was time for some reorganization.

I started by eliminated that heavy black bookshelf that was housing my shoes and adding some white cubbies instead. Not only does it make more sense for shoe storage but it lightens up the overall space. Then I took the mirror that used to stand on top of that old black bookshelf (you can't really see it in the 'before' picture) and spray painted the frame a high gloss white and hung it on one wall of the closet. Then I installed several sets of key hooks from Target for my I also belts, scarves and necklaces; the rearranging of these three groups helped a great deal :).

I removed the crazy zebra rug. It served absolutely no purpose except to confuse me every time I was in my closet. I already have 2 million patterns going on in there; I don't need a zebra rug too :). I also took down the poofs on the ceiling and reallocated them to my daughters room.

See my new vinyl wall quote over the mirror: "Did you think to pray"? I love having something inspirational in my closet - plus it's a great reminder, no?

Finally, I can SEE my clothes. Handy in a closet :)

This is my husband side of the closet (and I do not touch his side). Its pretty boring and is only really noteworthy for the fact that he has like 15 suits. Which I am told is rather astronomical.

There are a number of other white wood shelving units that both me and my husband added to our respective sides that aren't pictured here; we both got into the whole reorganizing thing together in our shared space. I can honestly say that walking into our master closet now is calming and it is easy to keep it clean and organized. It was a lot of work getting it to the point it is at...but WELL worth it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Creative

I am so inspired by this take on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" sentiment:

This artwork can be purchased here...isn't it awesome?

Although sometimes it's hard to get excited and make things if you're not organized. So in the spirit of being creative I thought that this image of fabric storage was quite innovative:

It almost looks like shoe cubbies were used? I myself am a big sewer and my current fabric stash is such a hot mess. The fabric shelving situation is so disorganized that I can't even bear to take a picture of it to show you; its terrible. And because of that, it is hard for me to "get excited and make things". But trust me, this above photo has me newly inspired. I've decided to adopt this unit multiplied by 3 and sort out my fabric situation later this week. I can't wait to see how it looks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jayson Home - Flea Market Treasures

I just discovered a treasure of a store...

This was my favorite find - cowhide ottoman...

Here are a few vintage curiosities:

This would make a fabulous low coffee table if you topped it with glass...

And I love these tufted cushions...I would stack them in the corner of my living room...

This isn't vintage but I am in love with the lines and yummy finish of the leather:

I can honestly say that everything in this online store from the casegoods to seating to accessories is artistically unique and funky and surprising. And I don't often come across that! I fell in love with this store and its offerings.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Dining

I am in love with this kitchen. The floors had me at "hello". The plank table with the black and rope chairs, the red cabinets...and then the greenery. Its just looks like such a happy place to cook and dine. Love it!

And I feel badly - I don't have the reference for the picture anymore...sorry :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Via Sara's pins on Pinterest...

Leaving you with some gorgeous outdoor spaces to gaze at. Aren't they lovely? Inspiring?Makes me long for spring weather around here... Its time to sink my hands into earth and plant flowers, plump up pillows on chairs and light some lanterns.

Photos courtesy Tara Sloggett

Via Sara's pins on Pinterest (originally found on Interior Alchemy)

What kinds of accessories and furniture do you like to surround yourself with in your outdoor space? What is on your outside wishlist for spring? Do tell...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Children's Tour: Ben's Room

This is Ben's room...and it is such a dream. All boy, all cowboy and indians and vintage. His mom is incredibly talented and put a lot of love and and elbow grease into creating this room for her now 7 year old son.

Every little detail makes the whole room come together perfectly...

His mom describes Ben's room as "complete, family and cowboy amazing". After spending time in this charming room, I agree.

These are vintage barn doors that Ben's mom sourced and used as closet doors in his room. These doors are one of my favorite things about the room - they add such unique charm to the space. I wish I had closet doors like this in my house!

When I asked Ben's mom what she loved most about his room she replied, "I love the pictures. They are of close family relatives. I also love the walls. These took a long time to get just right and I love them". I also asked her about any ongoing projects in the room and she said that some goals were "to get his closet organized. After that, we plan to do a little club house above his room with a ladder going up to it. There is a lot of empty space in the attic and I'd love for him to have a little man cave to hang out in. A boy with 4 sisters needs this". WOW, that clubhouse above his room sounds AMAZING. I can't wait to take pictures of that to share with all of you - stay tuned for when that comes to fruition!

Vintage cabinet painted the perfect shade of red with Ben's guitar resting beside it...

Footboard to Ben's beautiful vintage bed. Notice the walls? His mom handpainted those...

Ben's mom gave me a little additional background on the room to share with you all: "When I found out I was having a boy, I immediately though of a rodeo picture of my mother's cousin from the 1950's. Once I found the photo, I had it blown up as big as I could and framed it. The frame I got from Ikea and stained it with brown stain. The other pictures are of my grandfather. The other frames I dug up at a thrift store and matted all the pictures in a texture rich matting from Michaels arts and crafts store. Next I wanted a cowboy themed window treatment. My father, who works in demolition, just finished a project demoing a 100 year old barn in the central valley of California. Luckily he saves a lot of goodies from his demo jobs and I get to sift through them. I used the wood from the barn to cut the window box out and use the rest to create the baseboards and barn-like door for the closet. On the window box are nailed on horse shoes. My mom bought me one with my sons name on it. Before installing all these goodies, I spent 1 month plastering the walls smooth, and painting them a *Paper Bag brown from Glidden paints. The wall pattern was a great find. I wanted something amazing for the walls and finally found it. The pattern is a copy from stage props of a friend. I copied each hat, cactus, horse, and horse shoe and made stencils. After chalking the walls out in a large grid patter, I traced and painted the pattern all over the wall to give it a wallpaper feel. Time consuming, but worth it. Lots of great treasures are in the room; moccasins my grandfather traded with an Indian woman in Oklahoma, My grandfathers spurs, and many other great antiques and trinkets. The bedding and curtains are made from old jeans, and the bed is from the 1950's. My friend called me and told me that the perfect bed was waiting for my son's room. I drove that hour to Vallejo and picked it up. The red cabinet is an infant dresser that was my mom's as a baby. I painted it watered down red and added a little black to the paint for a stained look. The inside of the cabinet is the same as in 1944. I sealed the paint to protect little ones from possible lead paint. As a child I played hide and seek in it, and now my children do the same".

Inside of the little red cabinet; Ben's desk...

So much history and love and attention to detail all in one childs bedroom! I find this space incredibly inspiring. It just goes to show what you can accomplish with a good eye and a willingness to take the time to carry out your vision.

Thanks for joining me on this tour of Ben's room - hope that you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White Vintage Kitchen

(image courtesy of blog House of Bliss)

I love all of the elements of this kitchen...found vintage pieces, beautiful chandelier, great light, open shelving, a large clean worksurface and what appears to be an exposed (albeit painted ) brick wall.

Breathtaking. Love all of it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Whimsical Space...

Here is a lovely place to hang your hat for a spell and just dream the day away...

(image courtesy of all the luck in the world blog)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Children's Room Tour: Sadie's Room

(Sadie, who turns 2 this month, calls the pink poofs hanging from her ceiling "bubbles")

Sadie is my youngest daughter, and today the light was especially pretty in her room so I shot a few pictures of her space.

(Rug from Ikea, patchwork quilt vintage, white shelving unit from Target, crib a hand me down from a neighbor friend)

(I wrapped this wooden letter 'S' with ribbon. I also made the fabric pendant valance attached to the storebought curtains)

Sadie's room is the smallest bedroom, but seeing as she is a baby I doubt she even notices. She's got a crib, a changing table, dresser and two shelving units for toys and blankets, etc. It's a bright, colorful space and I always like walking into her room - I feel happy in there.

I got this changing table from a consignment store and the various containers underneath from a store called Home Goods. I made the artwork hanging over the changing table from vintage hankies and Modge Podge -such a fun project.

This pink dresser was originally black and I found it at my local Goodwill for like $15. I spruced it up with glossy pink spraypaint, added crystal knobs sitting on top of a red and white lacy print oilcloth and voila! SO much better. Its not the heartiest dresser in the world but it works for now and turned out really well considering how much I paid for it.

And that is my Sadie's room! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exquisite Trailer

THIS is the inside of an exquisite Airstream trailer known as the Magnolia Pearl...which houses the hippie glam clothing brand Magnolia Pearl, which is equally magnificent (in my opinion at least).

This trailer blows my mind. Like, my eyes can't take it all in FAST enough. I keep coming back to the pictures because I am sure that I misses something and of course, I did.

There is just so much color and stuff and beauty - I love it all. Inspiring. Love it. Swoon. Read the article about the trailer in the link I referenced - you'll learn all about the inception and journey of the Magnolia Pearl trailer :). What I wouldn't give for a little jaunt around in this beauty.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Childrens Retreat

I found this room and loved it...

I loved the painted wood floor, the bright striped rug, the under loft bed fort - the whole room is crisp and bright and playful. The perfect setting for imagination to take flight...