Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before and After: My Closet REDO

The great thing about redoing your closet is that no matter WHAT you do to it, it is guaranteed to look better than before, right?! Because a good straightening and reorganizing goes a LONG way in a closet.

In my case, it went a very long way because my closet was a great big hot mess. Friends, it was terrible.

It's a miracle that I could find anything in there anymore. I walked in a few weeks ago, folded my arms and decided then and there it was time for some reorganization.

I started by eliminated that heavy black bookshelf that was housing my shoes and adding some white cubbies instead. Not only does it make more sense for shoe storage but it lightens up the overall space. Then I took the mirror that used to stand on top of that old black bookshelf (you can't really see it in the 'before' picture) and spray painted the frame a high gloss white and hung it on one wall of the closet. Then I installed several sets of key hooks from Target for my I also belts, scarves and necklaces; the rearranging of these three groups helped a great deal :).

I removed the crazy zebra rug. It served absolutely no purpose except to confuse me every time I was in my closet. I already have 2 million patterns going on in there; I don't need a zebra rug too :). I also took down the poofs on the ceiling and reallocated them to my daughters room.

See my new vinyl wall quote over the mirror: "Did you think to pray"? I love having something inspirational in my closet - plus it's a great reminder, no?

Finally, I can SEE my clothes. Handy in a closet :)

This is my husband side of the closet (and I do not touch his side). Its pretty boring and is only really noteworthy for the fact that he has like 15 suits. Which I am told is rather astronomical.

There are a number of other white wood shelving units that both me and my husband added to our respective sides that aren't pictured here; we both got into the whole reorganizing thing together in our shared space. I can honestly say that walking into our master closet now is calming and it is easy to keep it clean and organized. It was a lot of work getting it to the point it is at...but WELL worth it.


  1. Nice work! Any time you want to fly out to Vermont I have some materials for you to work with here. :-)

  2. it looks AMAZING! I am totally inspired! now, if only i had closets... :)

  3. this looks fantastic! love the sentiment above the mirror. such a great place to put that daily reminder.

  4. Where did you get the vinyl "Did you think to pray" quote for the wall--I'd love to have one! Grt. job on the closet! That was my big thing when we built the house to have a built-in closet arrangement and wooden hangers--it's a mini room! I stuck a small chair in our closet for sitting to put on shoes.