Sunday, June 5, 2011

Handmade for Home: Monopoly Money Lampshade

This is a GREAT idea! DIY Monopoly money lampshade. You really could apply this idea to so many things: old game pieces, game cards, old foreign currency you're too lazy to go get exchanged...

But this artist did things right. Check out the explanation from her etsy shop for the lamp:

"Who needs budget reform when you have this table lamp. Base is covered in a kitschy safety green and the shade is truely unique. An old thrift store shade is covered in vintage Monopoly money in a feather or scale pattern. All those beautiful pastel colors you have come to love in this classic game. Pale pink, mustard yellow, soft blue and mint green. This collection of play money is from 1935. They have a lovely aged appearance, but are quite durable and are still in great condition all $5739 of it."

Very clever - I may have to borrow this idea for myself.

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