Monday, August 8, 2011

Handmade for Home: White Board Calendar

Do you have one of those white board calendars where you write in all of the numbers...and sometimes the numbers get smeared...and you get frustrated about it? Hmmmm...can you tell that has happened to me?!

Well, I decided that there was a better way.

I went to Michaels and purchased a package of wooden numbered circles, took a dab of hot glue from numbers 1 through 31 and afixed a magnet and voila! Numbers for my calendar!

I then found ABC circle stickers in a font I admired, glued them to flat wooden circles and afixed another magnet to the back and voila! A whole set of the months of the year!

Now our kitchen calendar is so much more streamlined...and less likely to get smeared.

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  1. love it! such a clever idea!

  2. Great idea! Former Bay area resident....miss it! Following you!

  3. Cute ideas, i like it thansk for sharing