Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Laundry Room - You CAN have it all!

My laundry room/pantry/hub is the hardest working room of the house and gets the least amount of credit.  It is also not a terribly attractive room; I haven't taken the time to decorate or really clean it uncover its full potential.

That is why when I see pictures or posts of great laundry rooms, I always feel inspired.

For example, this laundry room has had the upper cabinet panels jigsawed out and chicken wire installed in its place.  The result is airy charm...while still maintaining function.  LOVE this idea.

Then there is this genius example; the homeowner added slide out laundry baskets.  Seriously, most brilliant idea ever, right?!

And then for sheer BEAUTY, check out this laundry room.  Black cabinets, black countertop over top black front loading washer and dryer.  The effect is very clean and classic.  And lovely!

Do you feel inspired yet?  Ready to make some changes or updates to your laundry area?

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