Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Customizing Boring Builders Grade Cabinets

My master bathroom cabinets have bugged me for years. They are just regular old builders grade, nothing special - oak, no hardware, no style.

And since my husband is not in favor of my overhauling the bathroom completely (darn it, he's no fun!) I had to get creative.

What could I do for 1) very little money and 2) very handyman little talent.

Ahaaa! Done!

See those feet (those weren't there before)?

First, this greyish stain I found that I put everywhere.

Second, I added these bun feet ($5.95 each at Lowes) to both sides of the cabinets. I think that they totally make it...and it was simple!

I had to sand down the feet first - each side of the bathroom cabinet was a different size. So I got to know my handy rotary sander :) It was actually fun.

Next I stained the feet. This required two different kinds of stain; one to match the existing color of the builder grade cabinets and the second greyish stain to match what I had done to the cabinetry.

THEN I installed them and adhered them to my existing cabinets with Gorilla Wood Glue.

And voila! A more custom feel to formally builders grade cabinets.

All that's left is to add handles to the drawer and cabinets...but I've gotta get my drill to work first (it was on the fritz today...).

Here are a few other shots of my bathroom now:

Curtains are burlap. Palm we have had forever. Window hanging on the wall is an antique from a barn somewhere here in Northern CA. And the blue glass lanterns are from a variety of places.

And this is our shower door/shower window. I felt it was lacking a little "privacy" so I took a very old copy of "Atlas Shrugged" and laminated a bunch of random pages then adhered them to the door/glass panel. I love the patina...and its fun to read a classic while you're in the shower.


  1. I love the pendant candles above the tub!! Mind if I copy the idea? =)

  2. Looks great!! So, can I tell my dh he doesn't need to cut the one you gave me? :-)