Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Design a Kitchen...when you've wanted one for a REALLY long time...

SO. This is the year. The year that we gut and redo our kitchen. I have wanted to do this for the 4+ years we have been in our house and my husband and me put together a budget/savings plan for the next 10 months or so to make it happen THIS year. I can't even express how excited I am about this.

Of course, it is all contingent on NOT blowing our monthly budget so that we can save enough to actually DO the kitchen.

All of this excitement gives way to a new reality however. Hmmmm...what exactly do we want in this new kitchen of ours? What to do when we DO NOT agree on cabinet colors or design? Change the footprint of the existing kitchen or keep it the same? Knock down some walls? Make a two-tiered island or create a peninsula?

They are at least enjoyable questions to research and answer, but this is the kind of remodel that we will do ONCE...and I really want to get it right.

So postings here will be a little heavier on kitchens this year as I try to fine tune what appeals and works for our family.

If you have ANY suggestions/ideas at all I would love to hear them. What worked for you? What helped you make choices for your kitchen? What are some products that you really love and couldn't live without in your kitchen? Bring it on - I am all ears!


  1. This may seem strange, but one of the things I love about my kitchen-and the builder put it in this way-is a shallow set of shelves in one side of the island, perfect for all those little dishes for little people, at their height too. My parents finally redid their kitchen and, even though they were unable to expand it much due to bearing walls and such (same model as your parents' old house by them--remember the smallness?), making a half height wall between the family room and the kitchen was expansive without being expensive. The thing that most helped them was to think seriously about their lifestyle. I love my double ovens; they don't cook much anymore so one is plenty, for example. My only friends who've had the tiered islands have eventually leveled them in favor of one height or the other. As my family grows, I really really wish I had a way to double my pantry size, how your family is going to change over the years may also be something to consider as well.

  2. Angie these are all such great suggestions. I like the small shelves on the kitchen island - that is doable for us. And I'm still just loving the idea of a two tier counter island...but this idea just occurred to me a few days ago so it needs time to marinade.