Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inside Out Canvas Frames

While I was in Anthropologie recently, I fell in love with their backwards canvas displays.  They have taken a standard 5x7 or 8x11 canvas, turned it back facing out (so that you can see the wood frame and the canvas stapled to it) and placed a picture inside of it.  Then they have nailed groupings together and hung as art.

Genius.  And inexpensive.  So of COURSE I wanted to try it here at home.

First I attached all of my frames back facing front together in an appealing, random grouping.  It took more nails than I would have expected to keep it together and sturdy.
Next I glued in a bunch of our favorite black and white shots.
And finally, I put up a few groupings interspersed with other favorite collages.  I get compliments on it whenever someone new stops by. 



1 comment:

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