Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Planting...

It's practically summer already, right?  School is out, kids are back in swim team, the heat index is starting to soar.  We're all spending more time outside; shouldn't we put some of our creativity to use and beautify our outdoor spaces?

Do you have a spare car in need of a fresh coat of grass?  No?  Darn it; the picture makes a grass car look like such fun :)

I am loving this idea for colorful landscape grooming.  It doesn't look difficult to replicate either.

And finally, the flowers spilling out of the pot look painting perfect, don't they?  Planters don't always have to stand upright; its alright to tip them over when beauty is pouring out!

How are you planning to mix up your summer planting this season? Do any of these ideas inspire you?

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