Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mini Moroccan Master Makeover's not a FULL blown makeover but man it makes me happy.

My one purchasing goal for my recent trip to Morocco was to bring back a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket known as a handira. Learn more about these gorgeous works of art via Apartment Therapy and a post they did on handiras awhile back. These are Berber made blankets and I have been lusting after one for about a year.

We purchased our king size handira in Fes, down a back alley up many stairs in a very old riad. If my life depended on getting you back to that place, well, shoot me now because I could never find it again. These wedding blankets are expensive but I feel like my negotiating got us a fair deal. We paid $200 USD down from $350 USD. Earlier in the day we were quoted $1700 USD at another place and the blanket wasn't nearly as beautiful as the one we bought.

Here is the handira on our bed at home...

I added a strung garland of embroidered felted wool balls that I purchased from the fabric souk area of Marrakech. Again, these were Berber made and each one is a little work of art. Here are the balls before I strung them...

I knew that I wanted to string them up and hang them over my bed so that is exactly what I did.

There is our gorgeous handira on the bed. Additional pillow cases are from World Market and Anthropologie. Wooden carvings over the bed are from about 5 years ago and also from World Market.

And that completes my Mini Moroccan Master Makeover!

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