Sunday, April 17, 2011

Children's Tour: Sebastians Room

Sebastian is almost 2 years old. He is mine...and I am so glad :). He is my youngest and I have enjoyed making his room a colorful place that reflects his joyous personality. Most of the furniture in the room is from friends or thrift shops; my favorite thing in the room are the hanging fabric circles that I made. My other kids call them "the planets". Sebie tries to call them circles :). Large room carpet by Lakeshore Learning. Green lamp from Target.

All three of these paintings I found at Target; the smaller two are from about 6 years ago and used to be in my older sons room. The larger alphabet one I purchased about a year ago. Isn't Target perfection?

I found this dresser/changing table at my local Goodwill right before I brought my son home. I fell in love with the glass front drawers. I remember that it was $75 and when I brought an employee over to point out a scratch on the top she knocked it down to $60. It is a really solid piece, very heavy and well made. I still can't believe that I lucked out with it for only $60 (and that scratch is totally no big deal - I just like to negotiate when I can).

I found this little States pillow in an antique store in Orange last summer and fell in love with it. I thought it was the perfect size for a baby and Sebastian agreed with me :). He LOVES his blankies and pillows. Sheet by Serena and Lilly.

And what boys room is complete without a train table? This one belonged to my oldest son who has since outgrown it but it was in such good shape that I held onto it and have now pulled it out for Sebastian. He is just starting to play with his trains and the room is plenty big enough to accommodate the table.

That's Sebastians room! Thanks for visiting.

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