Friday, February 18, 2011

The Accidental Carpet

By far, THE COOLEST carpet I have ever laid eyes on. Oh, how I want it. I love how it looks like multiple cans of paint spilled and pooled together to create a gorgeous MESS! A beautiful carpet makes a room. And good carpets, nay, GREAT carpets are created by artists. Look at the detail on this carpet:

This sublime piece was created by artists Atelier Remy and Veenhuizen. According to the Droog website where I found it, the carpet was originally created for children who are epileptic to cheer up their surroundings. How genius and heartfelt is that?!

Does this carpet inspire you? If you had it, where would you put it?


  1. oh my, this is incredible! the construction alone! love, love, love. i would put it in my home office to brighten up the dreary English days (and being cooped up inside all the time...). i wouldn't miss not seeing people if I had this to look at all the time! (oh, okay... maybe just sometimes...). :)

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