Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY: Tea Towel to Pillow Cover

I've had this tea towel from Australia for years. I think (although I'm not certain) that I inherited it from my very dear late grandmother. I have a LARGE collection of tea towels that I use everyday, most of them vintage, so it's no surprise that this one finally started to rip.

But I was in love with the colors and more importantly, the fact that it said 'Melbourne' on it. When I was 12 I visited Melbourne with my immediate family to visit our large extended family. Just seeing the word 'Melbourne' brings back such sweet, happy memories of that trip and my family.


I turned my special tea towel into a pillow cover backed with some blue and white seersucker fabric. It came together in 30 minutes. Even if you aren't a seamstress, you yes YOU can sew a pillow cover. Trust me on this.

Now it sits happily on our couch. I'm sure that it is enjoying its new life there much more than sopping up water and mess in the kitchen.

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