Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living Room Tour - My Living Room

Here is a peek of my living room...

Hanging on the wall here is a large turquoise necklace necklace from Israel that I picked up an estate sale last summer. It is gorgeous; I never tire of looking at it. It hangs on a piece of Indian tile and a hook.

The comfiest couch ever...we all spend a lot of time right here. Crashed in front of a very large TV (which I did not take a picture of - after all,it's just a big black box...).

Views of our mantle. We have a number of different treasures displayed up here; framed pictures of course but also a Christus, a beautiful clay nativity we bought near the orphanage our children lived in in Ethiopia, a silver spraypainted ivy garland that I made (still not sure if I like it or not) that is woven in and out of various said treasures, and a number of other things we brought back from our travels in Ethiopia last year. I love looking at our mantle when I walk through the room.

We finally got our toddlers to stop rearranging the photos and trinkets on this green table in the main living area. It only took 6 months :) The beautiful lamp us from my mom; I grew up with it at home and she relented and gave it to me.

I made this garland; it hangs on an opening between the kitchen/dining area and the living room.

And finally, this is a view standing in the main living area looking towards the foyer at our photo wall and shoe cubby area.

That's my living room!


  1. Just beautiful!!! I love your rug!

  2. Love the sneak peek of your living room and that couch looks like one could do some serious napping there:-). Thanks for stopping by:-)