Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Tour - Sarah G

It was such a treat to visit my friend Sarah G and shoot her delicious kitchen...

Sarah has put a lot of love and work into her kitchen (indeed her entire home) and it shows. In fact, her kitchen positively glows with warmth and charm. When I asked her to sum up her kitchen in 3 words she replied, "Clean, Open, Modern Country". After spending time in the space, I'd have to agree.

(Farmhouse table purchased from Old Town Furniture in Vacaville, CA; Chandeliers from Ballard Design)

An abundantly long old farmhouse table, well equipped for art projects, sewing endeavors or a good meal with her family of 7 and friends anchors the dining area. Sarah says that what she loves most about her kitchen is "the giant table because it can really take the abuse of my 5 children. I also really love my chandliers. Another favorite is my collection of salt and pepper shakers and my new curtains".

(Curtain fabric from Waverly Fabrics; print called "Small Talk Black Bird")

Old vintage windows line a wall adjacent to the vaulted ceiling. And notice that the ceiling is beadboard? Love it.

Sarah painted ALL of these cabinets herself (in their former life they were regular stock oak cabinets). And having been in this kitchen I can attest that there are a lot of cabinets. SO much work and elbow grease...

But the black painted island, contrasting lower gray cabinets and upper white cabinets make for such a lovely combination. She did a fantastic job. The time she put in was worth it!


  1. gorgeous! i love all the personal touches. and that farm table!! ahhhh--- dream.

  2. wow. i love this. loving the gray and black. yellow and white.

  3. Totally cool as expected from her!!!